What Our Clients Have Said

I can only say good things about William. He is an excellent contractor and I would recommend him without the slightest hesitation.

William worked on the remodel of our house. We added a new large bathroom and converted two old bathrooms into a laundry and a new bathroom (interior walls had to be moved). Rest of the work included re-roof of the whole house, complete overhaul of HVAC, copper re-pipe, refinishing of hardwood floors, repainting of the whole interior, new doors, windows, etc. We also kept adding and changing several small things after the project started. William had to work on a very tight schedule to get us back into the house on time. William and his team worked really hard, sometimes working over weekends. All the inspections passed without issues. We were able to move back into the house pretty much on schedule (even though we had increased the scope of the project beyond what was originally planned).

William is very responsive, extremely accessible via email, text and phone. The quality of the work is excellent and we are really happy with how things turned out.

William is not the cheapest contractor out there but he isn’t incredibly expensive either. If he gives you a quote, he will do the job for that quote, and if he made a mistake in estimating the cost, he will take the hit (not you). The only changes in our total cost were due to things we added later. William did not add anything to the original quote.

— Riyaz

William Lisac is in the final stages of an addition/remodel that includes moving walls, re-roof, re-pipe, new HVAC, 2 bathrooms, laundry, flooring, painting, etc. for us. We are very happy with his work so far, he has kept the project on schedule (added only a few days) in spite of a number of things we added to project. He is extremely accessible by phone/email/text (even in the evenings and week-ends) and is very patient and flexible with all our requests. His payment schedule is structured based on actual progress (as it should be) rather than based on time. He may not be the cheapest out there but his prices are quite reasonable. We never had to worry about how the project was getting executed.

— Zee and Ray

My husband and I engaged William to replace our existing concrete patio and build an attached arbor over the new patio. During the planning stage William listened to our needs and ideas. He offered his own suggestions based on his experience. The city of Sunnyvale permit process required some minor changes to the design, which William easily incorporated into the plan. William provided a detailed estimate for the project in terms of time and money. The subcontractors he used to build the concrete patio were excellent workmen. William was onsite working right along with these contractors. William built the arbor himself. He chose high quality products. His workmanship is excellent. The arbor and patio was completed in eight days. We are so pleased with William’s work we have asked him to come back to work on some additional projects we are planning.

— Willey

Working with William has been the best thing about our giant remodel. We’ve done more than one, and on this remodel swore we would choose the right person, no matter how long it took. I totally feel like that effort paid off, because William has been so great to work with.

— Bethanne

Value, competence, integrity, and faithful follow up are four of the most important qualities in a residential contractor. The fifth one is that the contractor should feel that he has a vested interest to complete the project in such a way that his client is very pleased, and the quality of work is such that he would be proud to have anyone see it. All that said, I am comfortable writing that William Lisac is the only contractor I’ve had direct experience with for whom I’m willing to provide an unconditional recommendation.

We have used William for several projects. The first was a major remodel of our master bath. It included moving a wall, installing an elevated tub, and a complete rebuild of the area. William’s work on the master bath remodel was exemplary. He (and the craftsmen he utilized) were all very competent and pleasant to work with.

One of the most significant and valuable services William provided was that on several occasions as the project progressed, he ‘saved us from ourselves.’ There were some things we had wanted to do and asked for in our project description. They would have resulted is disproportionately more work to be done, along with the accompanying higher project charges. William took the initiative and pointed out (to our relief) how some of those things would work against us in the long run, and also how a few other items in our specs could be done differently, with an excellent outcome and at lower cost.

Importantly, there were no delays on that project that were the fault of William. This factor was huge in our view.

— Tom

Love my contractor William Lisac. He can do small and big projects. He just finished with my house remodel and was most professional and hardworking with great attention to detail.

— The Liangs

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